Prioritizing Performance

Fully monitored for 24/7 availability using mobile alerts and malfunction correction software. Block Producer and Relay nodes are on separate dedicated servers, geographically distributed for performance and reliability

Leveraging Data Centers

Azeroth benefits from the high quality performance offered by professional data centers. Data centers provide statistically higher internet connectivity reliability then home internet connections, an important metric in a pools ability to produce blocks.

Redundantly Cautious

Safety and Reliability through numbers. The Block Producing node is connected to two Relay Nodes ensuring anonymity of the Block Producing node. A bare-metal backup node remains on standby to increase reliability and ensure uptime.

Staking with Cardano

Staking Cardano is fast, easy, and risk free using the Daedalus and/or Yoroi wallets.

All things on the web are at risk of being attacked and compromised, stake pools are no different. Azeroth's servers are secured behind protected firewalls and undergo routine threat prevention procedures. A compromised pool cannot compromise your funds, but it can lead to missed block minting opportunities, ergo missed rewards.
The way staking works is you delegate stake -think votes- from your wallet to a pool of your choosing. The funds NEVER leave your wallet and you can spend or transfer them at any time without any hassle. The only risk with staking is in picking a pool that is unreliable causing you to miss out on rewards.
Staking your cardano provides rewards to you for the funds sitting in your wallet. By staking your cardano appropriately you help to decentralize the network, securing it from percentage based attacks, and in return you receive staking rewards.

How to Stake

Pick the wallet that's right for you and then follow the video tutorial to get started staking with Azeroth Pool


Follow this guide to set up your adalite wallet and begin staking

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